A Summer Color that’s changed the world… Orange you ready to learn more about it?

2013 Summer Colors

There’re some wonderful color tones out for summer 2013. Tango reds, sodalite blues and sweet lilacs….but the color that definitely stands alone, and just seems to look stunning on everyone is the brilliant color orange. It takes its name from the orange fruit, and on the light spectrum falls right between red and yellow.

In Europe and America, orange has been associated with amusement, extreme extrovert behaviors, the autumn season (Halloween and pumpkins), and Protestantism. In Asia, it’s symbolic of Buddhism, and Hindu holy men in Rajasthan wear orange as a sacred color. In the Netherlands,The Royal family is part of the “House of Orange.”

While orange has signified beauty and liveliness, it has also taken countries into battle. When Dutch settlers of South Africa rebelled against the British in the 19th century, they organized the “Orange Free State,” and New York City’s flag has an orange stripe in remembrance of the Dutch colonists who founded it. By far, the harshest remembrance of the color, though, happened during the Vietnam War when a chemical herbicide “Agent Orange” was sprayed from aircraft to remove the jungle cover below so that enemy soldiers would be exposed. Agent Orange was highly toxic, and it was later linked to birth defects and health problems among the Vietnamese and American Soldiers.

Confucius says: Orange is the color of transformation! Just ask Ukrainians, who will tell you that in 2004 “The Orange Revolution” spurred hundreds of protests and political events nationwide over what the people saw as unfair elections. To be in the streets, witnessing thousands of Ukrainians coming to the streets to seek a better political system was a once in a lifetime moment – especially for an American. A foreign political process metamorphosed people all around me, and the color orange was visibly draped on statues of the former Russian leaders Lenin and Stalin. There were orange tents in city centers, and my next-door neighbor Olenka wore it daily. It just happened to be one of her favorite colors, and how vibrant I remember her looking in her orange scarves and jackets.

Whether it’s turmeric powder, a medicine and spice in South Asian cuisine, or orange animals like tigers, fish, iguanas, butterflies or birds, the color is vibrant and warm! Vogue has noted it as the “Signature Color of Summer.” If you’ve never worn it….get a little edgy and try it. Just don’t end up in an orange suit with numbers on the back, or you might need to hire an attorney!


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