Changing the Clothing Conversation: The High Price of Chasing Cheap

Child Labour 8 Bangladesh garment workersWhen talk is not backed by action, talk is cheap. But some voices are helping to lift the conversation from trivial to ethical. Instead of runway fashion, news reporters are talking about runaway ethics in an industry that logs major profits at the expense of impoverished garment workers. That kind of talk can prompt big change. Check out the links in this article.

The recent series of CNN Reports by media favorites such as Anderson Cooper, Christine Romans and Christiane Amanpour reveal that consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact of slave labor wages on living conditions of human beings in Bangladesh, where that nation has replaced China as home of the lowest-paid workers on earth. Their labor provides the cheap, throw-away fashion that Americans and Europeans enjoy. But, If those same workers were valued for their artisanship, they might actually earn enough to avoid the plights of poverty — hunger, sickness, slavery and sex trafficking.

While the issue is simple, the solutions are complex. We envision a better life for the garment workers, so Jo’el Worldwear makes every effort we can to ensure that our new product line is produced at fair prices under ethical conditions. You can help, too, by encouraging manufacturers, factory owners, and retailers to take responsibly for the conditions affecting the garment workers who serve them.

Catch the shifting conversations by clicking the links below and watching these video reports. And be sure to post your comments at

The High Price of Chasing Cheap: Christine Romans and Christiane Amanpour discuss low wages that keep our clothing cheap and what to do about it:

The High Cost of Cheap Clothing: On AC-360, Anderson Cooper hosts a panel discussion:

When hearts and integrity help elevate the conversation, talk is not cheap.


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