The Vast World and Those in it

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I’ve been on vacation with my husband.  We haven’t spent much time together due to our different nationalities and jobs.

During our three weeks of vacation, we’ve traveled throughout California, Nevada and parts of Arizona and Utah.  We’ve visited several of America’s National Parks like the Grand Canyon, Inyo, Yosemite and Zion National Parks.

My business, Jo’el Worldwear, has been in the back of my mind each day, but I’ve forced myself to focus primarily on my husband and our precious time together. But now, we begin our eight months apart due to our jobs. Independence Day recently passed -a day to celebrate freedom and America’s accomplishments.  The two of us watched fireworks as we drove up the Pacific Coast Highway together.

Those fireworks were for freedom, joy, ingenuity, and for Americans everywhere serving in the line of military duty or in other capacities helping people (firemen, police, emergency medical, etc) I also want to remember the fireworks for people everywhere who do not, or will not ever enjoy the freedoms that Americans do.  They break their backs to show nothing at the end of their hardships. Today, as much as I honor our freedom and independence, I also reflect on people working worldwide, in dark, dangerous and unfit places to produce for others. I can only do small things daily to try and change another’s situation. I can pray, I can operate on an ethical basis daily, and I can constantly attempt to make better, wiser buying decisions.  I can also look to my own family each day for love and strength to move forward smartly in this world.

During this three-week vacation, which has now come to a close, I have come to see the vastness of America, and of our planet, and I’ve come to see even more beautiful people of different cultures, speaking different languages, and all struggling in different ways. I sincerely hope, moving forward, with Jo’el Worldwear, that I bring a good nature, intense values, and a heavy sincere desire to reach out and help those who are marginalized in this world.  This vacation has made me count the countless blessings I have, and need to more readily share with others. Jo’el Worldwear will soon bring artisan crafts, jewelry and fashion design made by the intense labors of many people who are emerging from toiling times. Or, designs created by those who society has attempted to marginalize. We hope to bring all of their quality, hand-made crafts to people seeking ethically produced, beauty fashions. Have a peaceful month.


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