Is it just me?

Maxi DressesI just flew cross-country, and much delayed from my regular scheduled flights. Plus, the airline lost my luggage!  So, I arrived at my Mom’s with just the clothes on my back, and I still only have just those clothes except for a pair of jeans I found in the spare room. Yesterday, I thought I’d hit the mall to buy a summer dress, since I’ll be in Florida for a whole week or more, and have no clear sign of when the airline will find my two bags.

I walked around Macys to look for the right dress. This is where I ask the question…..Is it just me?  All the maxi sundresses were the same bag look, in multiple quantities, and in the same cheap fabric. Plus I noticed that the majority were made in Bangledesh. After I looked at several dresses made of the same cheap fabric, I left in disgust.  I decided I’d purchase a sewing machine, once I get home, and just make my own damn clothes, in the fabrics I want…….without any slave labor, substandard quality, or over-priced crap involved!  I just gave up!  Does anyone else notice these problems, among several probably more severe problems on this Globe today…..hmmm. Maybe it is JUST ME! Bottom line – I’m getting downright critical about what we’re buying in America, and who we’re buying it from, and who’s slaving to make all this sub-standard, over-priced stuff.  Leave me a comment if you have one.


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