Investigate Fair Trade

A Union of Women creating for others' Freedom - FreesetInvestigate Fair Trade

After taking a look at a Fair Trade link recently sent to me, I was happy to see that “Gifts With Humanity” out of New Smyrna Beach, Florida was listed.  Check it out!  About two months ago, I polled all of you about your feelings on ethical buying.  60% of you were highly concerned about shopping in an ethical manner. You wanted to know where products truly come from, how they are being produced (under what type of conditions) and you were also concerned about how workers are being treated and/or possibly exploited to manufacture the goods you were utilizing. Bottom line – you care a lot!  The other 40% of you said that you hadn’t been highly concerned about your purchases in the past, but that you wanted to learn much more about subjects such as: ethically-produced handicrafts, clothing and accessories; eco-fashion; Fair Trade, etc. So, I’ll be sharing a lot of details over the coming months, not only about the concept, but also about individual artisans and fashion designers who are and have been given the chance to produce all of their clothing, jewelry, and accessories with a lot of talent, time and special care – and they’ve been paid a Fair Trade or fair price when selling.


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