People and Planet Friendly – Inspiring business in the UK

Fashion RevolutionPeople and Planet Friendly – Inspiring business in the UK

It’s coming to America….it’s coming.  Ethical fashion. Sustainable fashion. Designer clothing produced with vegetable dyes.  Vegan-friendly fashions – no animal leathers.  Whatever your liking! Bottom line – It’s also clothing manufactured by happy people……people who aren’t sitting in God-awful conditions just to hand-make or machine-manufacture something that’s “throw-away” fashion for us to wear a few times, throw in the garbage and go consume more of. No woman’s been compromised to produce clothing and accessories for women in the Western world.  No one is human trafficked just for the purpose of producing for us.  And no one is forced into dangerous factories where exit doors are sealed shut, where windows are barred, and where the businesses withhold fair pay at the end of the week to already hungry people who have worked hard to obtain so little.

Check out this amazing website and it’s video links – The company is called People Tree.  Their clothing is simply lovely!  Their methodology is even more beautiful.  And their videos are enlightening!  Emma Watson even stars in a few!

BTW – They can always use volunteers. Enjoy.


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