If I woke up this morning human trafficked…(Part 2)…#BAD13

Hi…Dilini here again. It’s time to take a break to eat. And I really need this break!  This morning, my manager hit me twice with the big stick that he carries around the factory. He didn’t like me talking to you.  All of the bosses in this factory just want us to work…all the time. I’m ten, so I’m really strong and can handle the long hours each day, but the younger girls like Sachi and Aysha can’t keep up.  (children of all ages are trafficked for labor & sex)


Even though I can work long hours, my back and my neck are always aching, and it’s hard for me to stand up straight at the end of the day. I’m happy to have this 10-minute break to enjoy my Kiribath (milk rice) and chapiti (flatbread). I better get back to work now, or I’ll see the stick!


Facts about human trafficking in your country:

– Over 27 million people (50% children) are trafficked each year – more than the population of Texas

– More than 50,000 women and children are brought into the United States annually to work as slaves

– Almost all trafficked persons are malnutritioned and suffer from more than one health issue

– there were only 103 convictions for trafficking in the US in 2007, which hasn’t improved much today

– Over 1 million children are forced into the sex tourism trade annually

– Since 2001, 75% of all war encorporates child soldiers

– If Trafficking was a corporation, it would be a Fortune 500 with profits of 35 billion annually

– Weapons are sold once by a dealer; drugs get cut down to make “more,” and sold by more dealers just once; men, women and children get beat down repeatedly so that the dealer can sell them over and over again


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