If I woke up this morning human-trafficked (part-3)#BAD13

It’s been a while since I caught up with all of you. We had a lot of orders for a store in America called WalMart.  We were assembling 1300 t-shirts, some jeans, and jackets, because it’s getting cold soon there.  The day has been so busy that I couldn’t take a supper break.  My stomach is aching as much as my back and neck at this point. When is it ever going to end, I wonder?


Sometimes my mind wanders far away as I’m pulling stray threads off of thousands of shirts to go too the stores in American and Europe, and I day-dream about being a journalist. One time a lady came to our factory to take pictures of us girls, and she said that people were going to come soon to free us from this place. We are all tired, and sore, and even though we work hard, we are still hungry and poor.


I hope that the people who get the shirts I helped make really enjoy wearing them.  I worked hard to make each shirt I touched just perfect for some American girl. Do you know why I take such care with the shirts – it’s secret, so don’t tell anyone. I hope I play like the American girls do someday soon.  I hope I’m back with my Mom so that she can fix my hair pretty like the American girls’ hair. But, most of all, I hope that I can go to school to learn just like they do. If I dream long enough, I think God, or someone, will hear my dreams and take me away from this dusty unkind place.

Well, it was nice talking to you today. It’s night time, and the streets are empty, and now it’s time for me to go to the boarding house where I live with the other girls. I have to sleep so that I can get up early and do this again tomorrow.  Saa ma ya (Peace to you) — Dilini


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