Remembering Nelson, Acknowledging Winners with Ethics

Remembering Nelson, Acknowledging Winners with Ethics

Someone once said to me, “But, he didn’t completely improve South Africa.” To that I said, “But, he woke up every morning trying…which is more than most of us spend our life doing!”

Nelson Mandela spent a lifetime changing hearts and minds, or at least planting seeds for change within people. It was a daily choice he made to work towards human rights and equality at several levels of society.

Last week Jo’el posted the nominees for the Ethical Fashion Forum’s, Global Source Awards for Sustainable Fashion, and this week we have the honor of posting the winners’ link. Take a little time to connect to the different retailers simply by scrolling over their names. Learn more about those making a choice each day to do things the ethical way.

If every person, every business owner and every organization’s CEO lived by Mandela’s virtues of looking out for the equality and human rights of all, Mandela’s and other activists’ visions would be realized.

Modern day slavery and trafficking can be found throughout every industry at alarmingly high levels. For the coming holidays and beyond, consider making buying decisions based in ethics. Only buy from companies that support fair wages, ethical working conditions, and every aspect of human rights.

Click on the iconic picture of Nelson Mandela to see this year’s global winners of sustainable and ethical fashion products.


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