Knowing the Signs

Knowing the Signs

It’s one thing to make the challenging commitment to buy only ethically-produced products & fashion. It’s another to know the signs – the signs representing good ethics today come in many forms. Some key signs to help you navigate your local boutiques, shops & businesses include those related to: Fair Trade; Eco and Biodiversity; Animal-friendly and Vegan; Fair Wage; and Global organic textiles. You’ll also see sustainable fashion signs supporting: women; children; human rights; animal rights; grassroots production; and locally-produced.

It’s important to note that many small businesses still haven’t become members of these consortiums, and therefore they are unable to display such signs in their shop window. Yet, they do business ethically everyday. Annual costs keep smaller shop owners from becoming members – especially during an economic crunch. Plus, there’s still a growing awareness of what these signs even mean for shoppers.

That’s where you have to kick in your investigative skills if you are concerned about ethically shopping. Talk with sales associates and shop owners to find out how they source their products. Don’t be afraid to ask, you’re spending the money. If they don’t have the answers, you might want to window-shop a bit more.

For shops in the ethical arena, each will have its own passions. For example, Jo’el Worldwear sources fashion & accessories made by artisans and designers suffering from the effects of war and conflict, human trafficking and slavery, refugee status, unfair wages, and economically-disparaging situations. That’s our story! We pay fair trade prices, and always investigate whether artisans/designers are being paid fair wages. We find beautiful creations in the US, where we’re based, and around the globe. We know the stories and many of the people behind every creation. And, we call the creators by their respective titles – “artisan” & “designer.”

So whether your passion is to support humans, animals, the environment, or all of the above – Discover the source of all your future fashion by knowing the signs!


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