Can Gen X stop it? Will their X mark the spot?

Can the Gen X stop it? Will their X mark the spot?

Yesterday, as I ventured into my local “Natural Health Foods” store in Jacksonville, North Carolina for a loaf of Ezekiel bread, I noticed all of the workers were displaying bright red X’s on their hands. “What’s the X for,” I asked the young girl with curly deep red hair that almost matched her Red X. She told me February 27th was “” day to create awareness to stop over 27 million people a year being human trafficked or enslaved.

My God, I thought I was hearing myself speak for a moment. I’m so often telling people through my blogs or through Jo’el Worldwear about the increasing problem of humans (women, men & children) (in the US & worldwide) being sold.

So, I promptly let the girls at Natural Health Foods draw an X on my hand too. I couldn’t help but wonder why I wasn’t aware of the special day ahead of time. Afterall, we bloggers, we talk, and share information about important days like this one in advance to prepare our blogs. That’s when I realized – Several groups and organizations, both government and privately funded are bringing awareness to the masses about the problem and are raising funds to assist those directly affected by trafficking/slavery, however, I don’t think groups are teaming up together very successfully. That’s when I took to the internet to search out just how many orgs there were publically noting their mission as to eradicate trafficking/slavery – I found over one hundred globally.

So why then is the problem only getting bigger? Lack of coordination? An absence of radical thinkers or dynamic doers? Maybe just too many other problems? I truly believe it will take a bold and radical approach that maybe only Gen X can bring to the fight to stop traffickers in their wake….to give back the lives of those who have been sold….and to speak out loudly and radically towards the human rights violations growing daily in our world. While Gen Xers might end up leading this fight for rights, it’s going to take everyone – you and me, as we see the X’s on hands, read the blogs, and like the many FaceBook pages to recognize victims right within their own lines of sight – right within our midst. Victims aren’t just in brothels and strip clubs, they can be found in middle class homes, your neighborhood restaurants, nail salons, factories, and on job sites throughout the US and around the globe. What can you do to make a difference – pay attention, be observant and phone the police if you even suspect that someone might not be in their situation voluntarily. Support projects, missionaries and churches that offer help and santuary to trafficked victims. Buy products that you KNOW are produced ethically, or even better, by women and men who are survivors of the trafficking world. Only then might we all X-out trafficking/slavery for good!


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