Peace in Spokane, Panic in Nigeria

Peace in Spokane, Panic in Nigeria

This week I’m in Spokane, Washington, and the weather and place I’m staying has brought me total peace. It’s renewed me! By slowing down for a time though, I find that my bliss is interrupted with thoughts of the beautiful young girls kidnapped in Nigeria.

To many thoughts like these would seem to spoil the moment in such a beautiful place, but for me, it’s just the soul I’ve been assigned. I can’t help but feel helplessness for these 276 souls, stolen from the parents who love them, stolen from the education they deserve, and possibly sold into horrific futures.

I am completely appreciating the moments here in Spokane, where nature is abundant and lifestyles, for the most part, seem to be relaxed in such a lovely setting. And at the same moment, desparate relatives of these abducted schoolgirls have been viewing a video showing more than 100 young women in black and grey veils chanting Koran verses. Only four of the girls have been identified though. Who are the other 96 young girls in the video? Other girls abducted from the past?

Boko Haram, the extremist group behind the kidnappings, sent a message in the video which said that the schoolgirls could be released in exchange for Boko Haram prisoners.

Tonight, a vigil will be held in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. It will mark 30 days since the first girls disappeared. Another vigil will take place in Washington D.C.

Bottom line is that I’m not the only person having thoughts of these innocent girls which interrupts my peace, my very being. One of the co-ordinators of the “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign, said that international intervention was bringing fresh hope that the girls could be found. “There’s increased momentum considering the help we’re getting from international powers, so I’m hopeful that in the next couple of days we’ll have good news,” he said.

The hashtag #bringbackourgirls of the online campaign was used more than 2.5 million times in global Twitter posts, and I plant to add one more to that number.

Let’s all hope that the global support for these young girls, with their entire futures before them, might spur their captors to release them safe and unharmed. As for me, I can only blog at this most peaceful moment in my existence in the hopes that the universe will hear the pleas of so many and in turn bring the peace well-deserved to these girls, their families and to the watching and waiting world.


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