Duchess Kate’s Wardrobe Always Turns Heads – Has She Discovered Ethical Fashion?

Duchess Kate's Wardrobe Always Turns Heads - Has She Discovered Ethical Fashion?

Never a day goes by that photographers don’t catch a glimpse of the beautiful and fashionable Duchess. Kate is known to repeat wear some of her outfits, which is refreshing to most all of us. Afterall, that’s just being real! She’s also known for wearing affordable clothing, and not always the top of the crop finest designer stuff. Another “real” concept for the population worldwide. Take for example this lovely dress made by Jaeger…it sells for just 99 pounds in the United Kingdom (UK). The company Jaeger was founded in 1884 by Dr Gustav Jaeger, who believed wearing wool and other natural fabrics next to your skin actually improved general health. Jaeger’s heyday was in the 70s, with flared trousers, and stunning capes and coats. Eventually though, it began to fall out of fashion, and in 1982, in an attempt to keep its brand afloat, Jaeger moved all of it manufacturing from the UK to China.

Now, ethical garment companies do exist in China, however, they are few and far between. Most Chinese companies violate employees’ basic human rights and don’t even meet ISO standards. Almost all Western fashion companies made a leap towards China to produce their garments cheaply in order to remain competitive. Jaeger is now attempting to move about 10% of its business back into the UK.

What if? What if, when you saw Kate wearing a lovely dress, you knew without a doubt that the Duchess was wearing something made in completely ethical conditions?  I can’t help but wonder about the fashion she wears – how was produced? where did it come from?…..literally. She’s watched by all of us, and she turns heads with her stunning look. I can only hope that she comes to turn hearts surrounding fashion production. I hope she becomes familiar with the Ethical Fashion Forum of London (if she isn’t already) and my hope is that she steps out in fashions made in completely ethical conditions, in environments where employees are paid a fair wage, protected from harm, never trafficked for work, of a legal working age, and never abused or taken advantage of. As it stands for the moment, most of our Western companies are still operating in less than fair conditions to bring us more “throw away” fashion for less! To follow the Duchess’ daily fashion, click on the link and check out this UK blogspot. Fun to follow!

I’m holding out hope the Kate will be the fashion icon that makes us all stop and question the very clothes on our backs. When a quality UK company will fall away to the cheaper and unethical way of doing business to save itself, it shows you just how brutal the fashion world can be just to bring clothing to market. It won’t be until fashion icons, divas and others refuse to wear the “questionable fashion” without a good explanation of its source!


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