America’s Children, not even missed, rescued by FBI from sex trafficking

America's Children, not even missed, rescued by FBI from sex trafficking

Over 160 children have been rescued by the FBI from sex trafficking. The sad news – many of them were never even reported missing. Each year, the FBI gears up for the annual nationwide crackdown called “Operation Cross Country,” which also arrested 281 pimps on state and federal charges.

“These are not faraway kids in faraway lands,” FBI Director James Comey said. “These are America’s children.”

This year’s crackdown unfolded in 106 cities, and it’s the eighth one of its kind.. The FBI has recovered nearly 3,600 children from the streets.

Comey said the operations were designed to “crush these pimps” and show that children are not for sale. Children who are being trafficked on street corners, in truck stops, and, more and more, on the Internet.

Unfortunately, most of the children recovered were never even reported missing in the first place — by parents, guardians, or the child welfare system, designed to protect them.
John Ryan, CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children pointed out that without such operations like this one, these children likely would never have been found.”
He said better laws were needed to require child welfare service to report children who disappear. Right now, only two states have laws requiring agencies to report children missing. There is no national, uniform standard.

Click the photo to view “Trafficking Monitor” a blogspot providing education regarding traifficking.


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