Jo’el Supports Artisans Freed from Trafficking

Very soon, the Jo’el Worldwear clothing, accessories and home furnishing website will be public. For Jo’el staff, it’s been a long road. Whenever we choose designs or fashion anywhere in the world, we have to be sure of the source. We have to know that what we choose is being created in an ethical, Fair Trade, fair wage, and/or safe environment. Artisans and designers must be treated with dignity and respect, and must be paid a living wage. Bottom line: many products today come from questionable sources. 

Our artisans and designers are people rebuilding their lives from war/conflict, human trafficking/slavery, refugee status and other economically challenging situations. They live on every continent, except Antarctica. To have some fun, we’ve decided to call our own designer t-shirts and merchandise the “Antarctica Collection.” We’re bound for fun and exciting times ahead. Plus, we’re laughing and rejoicing with our artisans as we purchase from them and help enrich their lives.

We know you’re going to love their creations – handmade, embroidered, beaded, weaved, crafted, hand-painted, and/or loomed with love and conviction. These male and female artisans truly inspire us! Thought we’d give you a sneak preview of artisans and creations before the store opens. Enjoy!!JOEL 392 (8)


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