Designers Come in Small Packages, Throw Away “Throw Away” Fashion

I don’t know about you, but I love fashion by designers like Armani and Versace. I’ve even visited their shops on Rodeo Drive in Hollywood, CA. Truth is, I can’t afford the first thing though.  I love their fashion for two reasons: 1) it’s absolutely stunning!! and 2) top-quality designers tend to stick to ethical fashion practices in the production of their clothing. They’re perfectionists, so they want to know who’s creating of their garments. And the seamstress’ are paid well. I’m talking about the top top designers, not the ones you find in every mall and on every main street.

If you have ethical on the brain, you might be glad to know you can find it in the smallest of fashion designers – your grassroots ones. It’s amazing what fashion you find in your own backyard.

Jo’el Worldwear recently commissioned Macedonian-born fashion designer Ellen Shimo to put together an ensemble blouse, skirt and sash belt for the office or beyond.

Ellen Shimo
Ellen Shimo

Shimo, now based in New York City, began her legacy in Milan, Italy and later added to her education repertoire at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. She’s worked in the Eastern European fashon industry, and was influenced by brands like Donna Karan, Emanuael Ungaro and Céline. More importantly, she employs sustainable production practices and is focused on vegetable-dyed fabrics.

You can find designers like Shimo in your area who take the time to create in an ethical manner. And, their designs are usually noticed by all when you wear them. So, throw away unethical “throw away” fashion of high street designers and discover the small ones through boutiques, craft fairs, via Etsy, and other forums where they’re listing.  Good hunting!!


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