The Cancer of Life

I’ve put our Jo’el Worldwear website going public on hold briefly to stay with my Mom who’s struggling with severe cancer. In the course of trying to decide when to publicize our website and begin selling our artisans’ designs from around the world, I suddenly stopped strategizing and worrying, and acknowledged that caring for someone takes time. That’s when it came to me, “the real cancer of life is the lack of caring” for people in your family, at work, your dear friends, and even total strangers. Lack of caring is the cancer of life! If we just take a moment to care about someone else’s needs, then life, love, business, and everything else will fall into place – no worrying needed. So, I’m going to take the moments necessary to care for my Mom, and even for myself. Proper sleep, nourishment, and interactions with friends and family. Cut loose a little and care! Stop the real cancer in life – lack of caring.  And as far as the website goes….it will get public soon enough…and until then, we’ll keep telling you all the great stories about our artisans and their beautiful designs!!        joel circle


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