Time to Share Our World of Ethical Fashion with You

Even if they became a competitor one day, it’s the right thing to do to share our world of ethical fashion with you. And there’s no better place to start than with Ethica.com.  Jo’el Worldwear founder Brenda Steele MacCrimmon has been seeking out ethical accessories, jewelry and clothing for a long time. “And my search hasn’t been easy in America,” said Mac. “The trend is growing, to know the source of what you’re buying to ensure that someone wasn’t in unfair conditions, but the availability of truly ethical fashion in America is still grim.” Mac hopes the trend of people wanting to know the source of their purchase will grow with more awareness of human trafficking of women and children in the garment industry. There’s also worries about unsafe work conditions and inhumane treatment of these workers worldwide. “If I don’t know the source of my blouse or skirt for example, which I prefer to be handmade now, I feel uneasy with the thought that someone might have suffered greatly in the manufacturing of my clothing.” Mac said it’s easy to visit sites like Ethica, or Etsy, or search out clothing stores via the Ethical Fashion Forum. “You might even employ that talented friend of yours who makes everything she wears from scratch!

What Ethica.com is adhering to everyday in their business is worth sharing. And as for Jo’el Worldwear……maybe a day or two, and then we’ll be able to share our wonderful ethical website of fashion and design with you as well. So for now, sit back and enjoy Ethica! http://www.shopethica.comEthica 1

Happy Ethical Shopping!


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