Dying with no Rights

I can’t help but reflect on life and death right now. I’m with my Mother everyday as she struggles with cancer. Unfortunately the cancer is winning as it does with so many people these days. If there’s any bright side to this situation, it’s that my Mother is in her own home, with people who love her. She’s free to choose her medical treatments, and she has peace of mind that her family, her home and her affairs are in good order. She can rest and focus on healing.

Too many people in this world don’t have this peace of mind as they struggle in poor health, nor do they have freedom to make their own decisions. Dying with no rights has got to be the worst hand anyone can be dealt. Men, women and children around the world are losing their lives in human trafficking rings, unethical factories and slave labor situations – and it’s almost 2015!

My Mother has always said, “We are all dying from the day we are born.” It’s true with each new day that we inch closer to our end time on Earth, but while we are living, we should be able to enjoy the beauty the world can yield us each day. Utilizing all our senses to enjoy our lives should be a basic right.

Small ways to improve the rights of others: buy ethically-manufactured goods (try to know the source of the product, read labels carefully); don’t be a bystander, if you believe someone’s rights are in jeopardy, report suspicious activities; don’t be afraid to get involved, you might just save someone’s life and restore their rights by your intervention. Jo’el Worldwear supports artisans  and designers emerging from human trafficking and slavery.People_are_not_Products_large



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