Cheap Clothes – How to Victimize a Woman Twice

My friend Britt lives and works in Cambodia and shared this 12-min documentary on the sex-trafficking and garment industries there. Garment factory conditions and pay are so poor in Cambodia that the women would rather stay in sex trafficked roles. Either way, women are demoralized repeatedly and never even given the opportunity for any other type of job. Another friend of mine who works “under the wire” there helping trafficked children once told me, “Cambodia has lost an entire generation to traffickers… entire generation.”

Garment worker – paid $80 per month; 17 hour days; severely overheated; one 30 minute break


Sex Worker – pay is slighty better; have sex with multiple men per day; live in a dark brothel when you’re young and valuable; be turned out on the street by traffickers when you’re older;  Which would you choose?

Cambodia factory


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