What do Royal Marines & Thanksgiving have in common?

I’m an American living between Scotland and the US. And it’s great, except when Thanksgiving is near and I’m in Scotland.

Thanksgiving is a special dinner traditionally prepared on the fourth Thursday of November by almost every American family. It’s in honor of the first harvest meal in 1621, when pilgrims and the Native Peoples of North America, the Wampanoag and Pawtuxet Indians, gave thanks for a successful harvest. The Indians graciously provided 5 deer to the pilgrims who only had corn and fowl after their first cold harsh winter, which had brought only sickness and death.

The celebration lasted for three days.

What do Royal Marines have to do with Thanksgiving. Simple. I’m giving thanks for the one who belongs to me this Thursday. He’s working during my holiday, training as always, preparing for whatever awaits his nation. Whether you are pro- or anti-military, there’s one thing you should know, it’s a 24/7, often “thankless” job. It requires continuous physical, mental and emotional strength year-round. It requires readiness at all moments, and a willingness to protect, to defend, and to serve wherever the government tells you to go, whether you personally believe you should go there or not. So, I’m thankful for my Marine who will be absent from my Thanksgiving dinner this week.

A UK Carvery Restaurant will be the closest thing to an American Thanksgiving meal I can get – minus my favorite, the pumpkin pie! Delicious Yorkshire pudding will do though. Why didn’t the pilgrims bring that with them from Britain!  It’s the best!

Regarding human rights: This Thursday, I ask all Americans to take just one moment to remember those affected by human rights violations. People are cold and hungry, and reside in dark places in our world where there is no Thanksgiving. Meditate/pray for their release from captivity out of human trafficking rings, brothels, sweat shops, and all unethical conditions. Meditate/pray for refugees fleeing unsafe conditions, who are without food and shelter. And for anyone affected by prejudice due to their race, creed, color, nationaity or religion, please remember them at your tables.

And for those of you in the UK, stop by a carvery this Thursday, break some bread with friends and family, and give thanks for all you do have! Maybe we’ll run across each other! http://www.joelworldwear.com wishes you Happy Holidays!


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