It’s Hard to Walk by….

Heart T 2

The other day, I walked by a man in Dundee, Scotland, sitting in the cold on the street. He was young, possibly an addict, maybe not. Maybe situations in life, just brought him to that street, out of no fault of his own. Well, maybe it was his fault….but who cares, it was cold, and it was the street, and I didn’t have any money for him, whether he needed a fix or food. Bottom line, it was hard to walk by. I could have at least spoken to him. He’s just like anyone else I’d pass on the street and at least nod to. Thanksgiving just past, Christmas is on its way. Next time my situation brings me to someone in the street, in the cold, I’ll say Hi. WWJD? Jo’el Worldwear wishes you great seasonal celebrations…whatever you celebrate!


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