International Day for the Abolishment of Slavery


  • There are more slaves today than in the 350-year accounted history of slave trade. Between 27-30 million people are traded annually – men, women and children – in every country
  • In 2013, the number of victims identified globally decreased from 46,570 to 44,758. The most ever identified in a given year is 49,105 in 2009.
  • More black males are owned in the Islamic world than ever before.
  • More people are trafficked for labor than commercial sex, yet of the 5,776 global criminal convictions of traffickers, 5,306 were sex traffickers and just 470 were labor traffickers.
  • Goods known to be produced using forced labor include: garments, cotton, bricks, sugarcane, carpets, cattle, coal, gold, rice, chestnuts, cocoa, diamonds, embroidered textiles, shrimp, stones, textiles, timber, tobacco, artificial flowers, beans, cement, charcoal, Christmas decorations, coca, coffee, corn, cottonseed, electronics, fireworks, footwear, granite, gravel, iron, jade, nails, palm oil, palm thatch, peanuts, castor beans, pornography, rubber, rubies, sesame, sunflowers, teak, tilapia, toys and wheat.

Modern Day Case: source –

Ukraine to USA – The Botsvynyuk brothers recruited villagers from Ukraine, promising $700-800 per month, free room and board, and transportation. Upon arriva to the USl, men and women were told they had to work without pay to cover their debt. They cleaned Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Safeway and other retail stores, along with homes and offices in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. Workers said they were raped, threatened and beaten. When some escaped, their family in Ukraine were threatened with mutilation, rape, and death if the workers did not return and/or pay off their debts.

Law enforcement uncovered this case, not the companies, subcontractors, employees or patrons where they worked.

Man tied enslavedSex Trafficking Victim  That was then, and this is now.

You can learn human trafficking/slavery indicators, and can identify and prevent it with improved policies where you work.


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