The Garment Industry in Bangladesh … Improving?

Bangladesh has a spotty history of human rights and a long history of participation in the garment trade.  But a 2013 disaster may have been the turning point toward better treatment of that nation’s garment workers.

Bangladesh is the third largest importer of clothing to the United States (after China and Vietnam), according to the Institute for Global Labor and Human Rights.

According to CNN, the Bangladesh government has sworn to improve workers’ conditions. The Bangladesh garment trade was brought to the world’s attention in April 2013, when a nine-story factory collapsed and killed over 1,000 people.  Since then, the Bangladesh government has improved workers’ rights, required manufacturers to set aside funds for injured workers, and strengthened workplace safety laws. Source.

The Guardian also reported extensively on the humanitarian disaster at Rana Plaza.

Read even more about the Bangladesh garment trade here.

Are situations improving for Bangladeshi garment workers?  What do you think?

Here are some alternatives to purchasing cheap cotton clothing stitched in a garment mill:

Jo’el Worldwear. Unique designs purchased from small businesses across the globe.

American Apparel. Made in Los Angeles by workers who are fairly paid, in a modern and safe factory environment.  No sweatshops!

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