Mall of America in Minnesota

imageI’m sitting in a hair salon chair right now in one of the world’s largest malls with one of the few moments I’ve had recently to blog. Corey, our guest blogger has been covering me and carrying Jo’el Worldwear while I’ve been doing some necessary business travel. I’ve walked through probably only half of this mall and I’ve only run across one shop that truly stood out as having quality clothing that makes you give a second look. It’s the Tatyana brand, formally Betty Page out of Las Vegas. The refreshing thing about this shop was that there were ladies of all shapes and sizes shopping and finding pieces to try on. And the dresses were actually finely lined. The sales associates were engaged nicely with everyone who entered the shop, and the whole experience from entering to leaving there was an enjoyable time. Highly recommend this store to any girl….young or otherwise!

My final observation, while strolling through this shopping Mecca, was that it recently became a location of ramped up security due to threats from the group I won’t give any recognition to by mentioning it’s name – use your imagination. The group is a threat to men, women and children, but most of all to our freedom and peaceful ways of life as humans, when we can seize peace. So, I have to say, honestly, I walked proudly through Mall of America, stood tall, partaking of all that it had to offer me on this day. I walked without fear, and I was grateful for the watchful eyes of all of the security guards standing in every aisle. Shop on as ethically as possible, and stay safe. Relish your freedom to do so!


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