Men….listen up…..there’s some important things you need to know about fashion. That’s right….you heard correctly….fashion!
Whether you’re buying a gift for your mother, wife or daughter…and I put them in that order because that’s usually the order these lovely females arrived into your life….buy ethical fashion. And why you ask? Because ethical fashion keeps beautiful ladies around the world, just as precious as your ladies, safe and secure. Ethical fashion gives women fair earning potential. Trafficking of women and girls into garment factories is reduced when These shops have to play by the rules of ethics, because their customers expect nothing less.
Heart T 2
Finally, being able to share the story of what you bought, and why you chose it over all the same ol stuff in department/super stores, might just earn you some brownie points. Ladies are impressed when you take the time to choose something that has more meaning….take it from me, I am one!
Four candy purses white bg
So gentlemen, check out online shops like Etsy, Ethica, Ten Thousand Villages, and of course, our shop, Jo’el Worldwear at Your girls will thank you!


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