Think Before you Bling

Seems the best times I have to blog is when I get to an airport too early, or when my flight gets delayed. So, a few weeks ago, when my husband delivered me to Manchester Airport at the crack of dawn, I got a bite to eat, and then I found myself staring across at the shop of Accessorize. Both are so fun to shop, but I often know the sad stories behind their products, so I don’t buy. Sure, I sacrifice some choices, but if I know a place sources their clothes and accessories unethically, I will gladly pass.

Problem is, it’s downright difficult the “Think Before You Bling,” because you just don’t know the story behind stores these days until you hear about a factory collapsing or burning, and then you learn about the big department super stores buying from that dangerous death-trap.

A Dream at the moment…. But I’m hoping to bring Jo’el Worldwear fashion designs directly from our artisans worldwide into airports globally. It would be great to bring people beautifully handmade, Fair Trade, Fair wage, ethical and economically-beneficial designs while they’re waiting to board they’re planes!

For now, no shopping, just eating! Today,  Im wearing a handcrafted necklace I bought directly from a North Carolina artisan, and my Nepalese Fair Trade shirt was created for a shop in Fargo, North Dakota. Seek out shops that strive to buy handmade straight from artisans, and that tell you their stories.

Fair Trade, Fair Wage, Eco, Bio-diverse, Recycled, Repurposed, Vintage, Handcrafted, a Women’s or Men’s special Project creation, Your bling really won’t cost you any more, and it will have such a nice story behind it! So remember, “Think Before You Bling!” Www.joelworldwear.comimage This real stone necklace and set of earrings created exclusively for Jo’el Worldwear by Randall Jordan, owner of Artistic Creations in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


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