Hard to Write, Can’t Show Pictures, Totally Helpless

The recent week in Africa…….so hard to write about……and definitely don’t want to show the pictures…..not because they’re two graphic for Westerners, but out of respect for the victims and their grieving mothers and fathers. And me, sitting here at breakfast, quite frankly, I feel helpless. There’s no one government, or leader, or religion to blame….there’s no one place to point a finger. Look around, they are everywhere. Angry young men. Why? Is it regimes they fight against and kill innocents for? Maybe they never had their basic needs met and have grown up to live their days like Ghengas Khan. Or, have they really been brain-washed into believing religious rhetoric? Do they just have a vengeance for anyone unlike themselves? Could the whole African continent be cursed? Why? Why are they killing the innocent lambs? Why do they target the kind and the meek? 

None of these questions reach at the heart of the problem. What is the heart of the problem anyway? Is this what happens to young impressionable men when they are not nurtured properly? Do any of them have an education like the children who they’ve sought out and killed? Are parasites and malnutrition at work? Do they know anything about the faith of Jews, Christians, Buddhists, or Jaynes, or for that matter, do they understand why Atheists and Agnostics can only shrug their shoulders when taking a look across our Earth. Do they know that Muslims don’t identify with their tyranny on innocent people? Have these men ever felt their mother’s love? Have they held the hand of a loving and supportive father? Do they have a sister to be protective over? For even one moment, have they thought about what they do!? And does it keep them awake at night…or do they even sleep? What have they spent each waking day of their lives doing? Just hating? Just training to kill? Just seeking out the innocent men, women and children who long for a better life? 

Hearts of families are bleeding. Hearts of those even far removed are bleeding. Hearts of religious leaders are bleeding. The heart of the world is getting darker and beating more slowly. What can we do? What can nations do? Children, young girls and boys, women with children, fathers, mothers, grandmothers, Muslims, Christians, those of many faiths, and those with no faith at all are being brutally murdered each day. If you pray, then pray for Africa and the whole world. If you summon the good energies of the universe, that please summon. If you are enlightened and can tell us how or when it will end, please tell us. If you feel helpless, do one thing to help someone each day. If you just want to think quietly, think about Africa.

There’s a baby in pink sitting across from me in the garden center restaurant. She’ll probably grow up fine. We’ll all carry on eating this morning. And all the servers are still serving coffee and tea on the line. The conduit is closing for me on Africa for the moment, but I feel a disturbance in my soul.


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  1. Bren, the evil of this malevolent world are the kings of this time. Death, destruction, savagery and wanton rapacity of even their own people are their totem poles, so to speak. The more depraved, the more suffering they can inflict, they not only show their own cowardice, but ours. Why do we not do more? If only people could see more than what the media wants to show or what governments want to show…

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  2. Laura says:

    The news all around the world is terrible… 30+ innocents murdered in Jalalabad yesterday. For me, it boils down to the simple fact that some will always fuel hate and destruction, while others work for hope and peace. Ya know, evil vs. good. You, of course, have always contributed a great deal to the right side. Luv ya girl.

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