Are Your Own Human Rights Being Violated?

Candles for Human Rights

This recent article published by DEVEX shows a new move to hold UN Peacekeepers to the law who commit acts of sexual assault and violence against the very people they are tasked with keeping safe. I’ve been talking about these types of violations for years, but it’s usually fallen on deaf ears. Even my professors during my studies for my masters degree didn’t want to hear about the subject in any papers of mine. I guess it was too taboo to accuse UN “Peace” keepers of committing sexually exploitative acts against the people they are protecting.

So here’s a question for you….all of you….males, females, young and old. Since we can’t even trust that peacekeepers are keeping the peace and keeping vulnerable peoples safe, is anyone really safe from potential human rights violations of some sort? Seriously. Have you checked your own situation lately….at home… work….in your community?

Protect One

Just take inventory of your own personal situations in life and determine if there’s people who are making you uneasy in the workplace due to their comments or their actions. Are you being discriminated against in the very environment where you have to spend a large majority of your day? And what about at home? Do you have an abusive spouse to live with? Is someone’s behavior right in your own home making you feel uncomfortable, or even worse, unsafe.

Record on Rights

If so, I’d like to prompt you at this point to take actions that will help you recover your ample level of rights, at work, in your community, and especially in your own home.

Here’s some resource links that I hope you’ll find helpful:

If you are being hurt in your own home, you can also reach out to your local church, police station, Salvation Army, mental health facility or hospital. The phone number 211 can also assist you with resources. It’s scary to make that fst move towards change, but with that first step, you’ll find each step much easier afterwards. Peace and security to you.


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