Teasel & Tweed: Supporting Scottish Designers

Teasel & Tweed
Teasel & Tweed

If you ever find yourself in Aberdeen, Scotland and would like to buy something a little bit special, you want to know that what you buy is genuinely Scottish or maybe you just want to admire a wide and eclectic array of furnishings, accessories and gifts then Teasel & Tweed is a must visit. Located at 85 Rosemount Viaduct, Teasel & Tweed is a little gem of a shop. The shop stocks a wide array of products; artwork, jewellery, toiletries, furniture, textiles and gifts. All of these items produced by Scottish based artists and designers- a point that Teasel & Tweed prides itself on. With such a wide there is sure to be something for everyone and you can be sure that what you are buying is not only special, but that you are also supporting local and Scottish artists and designers and not just buying something mass produced and generic.

Once you are finished with your shopping (or if you’re feeling a bit peckish) you can then head downstairs into Yvi’s House of tea, a small, German style cafe that specialises in hand blended teas and home made cakes and waffles. This tea house has a friendly atmosphere and a wide variety of teas to choose from, as well as a delicious cake or waffle to enjoy it with making it the perfect way to round up a day of shopping.

-Guest Blog by Daphne


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