Rhapsody Scarves

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 17.19.30
Joel Worldwear Rhapsody Scarves

While all of Joel Worldwear’s Rhapsody Scarves are very beautiful, I would like to draw attention to these two in particular which happen to be my personal favourites; the Camel and Blue Scarf and Forest Blue with pink flowers. These scarves would be ideal for livening up any outfit and you would know that you would be helping people in need by buying them as well!

The Rhapsody scarves are made by the women survivours of human trafficking who now live in safe houses and sustain themselves through their craft. They make these unique scarves by using the end bolts of fabric that they have bought in the souks and each on features detachable bracelets/anklets so they really are a special piece!

if you are interested in any of these that I have shown, or perhaps you want one of the other gorgeous options be sure to take a look here: http://joelworldwear.com/collections/scarves you’re bound to find something you like!


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