The Articles of Human Rights for the World, Maybe the Universe should Step In…

  1. I could take the stance of an extreme feminist and state that problems surrounding a continued uprise in human rights violations today exist because the majority of male leaders are allowing such violations to flourish under their leadership in their own states, but that would be a gross over-simplification of a very complicated issue. It’s the responsibility of ALL to ensure that human rights are protected for men, women and children, including victims and survivors. Thirty articles make up the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. For those who can’t clearly assess what comprises “human rights,” read the articles. Our world leaders sit in representation at the United Nations Assembly in New York, on display for all the world to see, yet, they don’t adhere to these very articles that they’ve helped develop. Watching the modern world bring a rise on the infringement of so many peoples’ rights is an abomination. We are all a child of the universe and have a right to be free and to be here.  

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