Ako Nana kelly, Africa, Charity, Fashion

Ako Nana kelly a Cameroonian Fashion designer has been dedicating his business profit to helping the needy in Africa. He has been making donations around local orphanages and the most unable to reach villages in parts of Africa. He promised to bring cloths for the children of the Orphanage since he owns a clothing line in the United States. He advised the children to follow their dreams despite of their situations and that they can do anything in life.He also, added that the path the children choose is the key to success and bright future. Ako asked his peers who are fortunate and have reached their potential in life to consider helping their communities. According to Ako, money should be used for good deeds and not only for oneself. Helping others takes countless forms and springs from countless motivations, from deep-rooted empathy to a more calculated desire for public recognition.

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