How Moroccan Fashion Influenced a UK Designer, Holly Jayne Smith


Holly Jayne Smith is a fashion designer from UK who is inspired by Moroccan fashion designers. She spent a month in Morocco after winning the British Council’s Graduate Fashion Week International Residency Award. She incorporates different influences into her work. During her stay in Morocco, her most interesting and inspiring observation was the friction between traditional and contemporary life. The strong and almost unbreakable sense of culture and tradition, and the influence of modern globalization and Western ideals, create a tension between them. Holly spent time immersing herself in Moroccan culture whilst interacting with its fashion industry; meeting Designers, Photographers and visiting Publications. Her collection has a strong combination of loose-fitted tailoring and sportswear.

Holly Smith’s collections take their inspiration from people and human nature, with a specific interest in human psychology and social environments. Her decision making is part of pre-conceived ideas and immediate surroundings.

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