Young Italian Fashion Designer


Legendary fashion capital Milan, is currently home to a new generation of fashion designers who are redefining Italian fashion. Mauro Gasperi is one of them. Gasperi knew he wanted to become a fashion designer after graduating from an artistic high school. He took his talents to Florence’s Polimoda, Italy’s prestigious design school, before scoring jobs with companies like D&G. In 2008, he launched his own line alongside a flagship boutique in his hometown. A year later, the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana selected Gasperi to take part in its own version of the Fashion Incubator which he won. He also expressed a lot of frustration with the Italian government for not recognizing the potential impact of new fashion designers on the economy, something which he believes has placed them behind their foreign counterparts. After his Fashion Incubator win, he immediately focused his business outside the country because he felt the “Made in Italy” label was easier to sell abroad. But Gasperi is also really optimistic about the future. He really believes in Italian fashion, especially for the foreign market. He wants to take step by step, to be more known and to have the chance to be always inside Milan Fashion Week on the catwalk among other young designers.

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