The Human Trafficking Umbrella

According to the United States Department of State, Human Trafficking has been used as an umbrella term for a variety of activities, “when someone obtains or holds a person in compelled service.” Other terms that fall under the umbrella include; forced labor, sex trafficking, bonded labor, debt bondage among migrant laborers, involuntary domestic servitude, forced child labor, child soldiers, and child sex trafficking. To educate yourself further about these terms visit:

While there are multiple terms or categories, the simple fact remains that the problems still persist. Many people don’t believe that any of this is happening in their backyard. Look closer and you will see it is happening right under your eyes.

We must continue to work to help those who have no voice. At Jo’el Worldwear™ we support artisans and fashion designers who have been affected by the aforementioned tragic circumstances. We encourage you find ways to support local anti-trafficking organizations in your neighborhood. Every little bit counts. You can make a difference!


Please visit:


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