Human-trafficking and Sudara


“Let’s get right down to it: No human being should be owned by anyone, anywhere, for any reason ever. It really is that simple”

This is what Sudara the clothing company believes it should be. Sudara has also created a non-profit organization to help women who were affected by human-trafficking. Because of the highest estimates of slavery and sex-trafficking in India, Sudara is creating safe and sustainable jobs for women to make them find their way out of the trade and stay out. The famous PUNJAMMIES the company makes are inspired by the beauty, colors and textures that are crafted by the brave women in the community who want to remain free from modern slavery.

The contributions and donations that come from the company supporters, fans and advocates allow the company to provide housing and education for both women and children. All those create a pathway for women to escape the human trafficking. With the awareness that sexual slavery is an issue that extends far beyond India’s borders, the team’s mission has grown. Sudara is developing a variety of new and amazing products that are inspired by the local culture.

“If you’ve come to help me, you’re wasting your time. But if you’ve come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let’s work together” (Elder Lilla Watson).

At Jo’el Worldwear , we support artisans and designers affected by war/conflict, human trafficking/slavery, refuge status and other economically-challenging situations. If everyone helps and supports the people who have no voice, the human-trafficking would vanish for good.


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