Consumer Awareness About Hazardous Chemicals


Consumer awareness about hazardous chemicals in clothing and fabric has become an important issue. The growing number of reports about uses of chemicals in textiles could make a person wonder, what type of clothing one should buy to be considered free from health hazards and eco-friendly safe. Today, I am going to introduce you and talk about Chlorinated solvents which are toxic chemicals used in clothing.

Chlorinated solvents include trichloroethane (TCE), are commonly used for scouring fabric. Scouring is a process that removes impurities like oils, gum, lubricants, dust and dirt from the surface of textile fibres. It prepares the material for more efficient dyeing.

How are they used for textiles?

Chlorinated solvents are mostly used on synthetic knits, cotton, silks and woolen fabrics prior to the dyeing process. It’s a process used for knitted fabrics.

Why are they harmful?

TCE in chlorinated solvents affect human central-nervous system, our liver and kidneys and also deplete the ozone.

Are there any other alternatives?

  • Check out the new ColorZen cotton; it dyes three times faster, with 75% less energy, and 90% less water. Most importantly, it requires no toxic chemicals.
  • Pro Tura cotton a cationic cotton fibre uses 50% less of chemical, water and energy usage in the dyeing process. DyStar and Tuscarona have combined their expertise to develop Pro Tura. It is good for colored denim and cotton t-shirts.

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