Relevant eco-fashion labels

When discussing the various labels in the eco-fashion world, customer education is important. I want to share the following definitions I recently discovered while reading an article written by Kim Yen White. They embody what we’re trying to accomplish at Jo’el Worldwear™.

Eco-fashion/sustainable fashion – These two terms are often used interchangeably to mean a comprehensive philosophy in fashion that encompasses all facets of clothes production, with an emphasis on the “closed circle” model of production where products are made only from renewable resources and are recyclable.

Ethical fashion – An aspect of eco-fashion, it refers to the welfare and rights of employees are ensured and protected.

Craft/artisan fashion – The production numbers in this type of fashion are highly limited and usually involve skills (such as embroidery) that have historical and cultural meaning.

Jo’el Worldwear™ is committed to providing our customers ethical fashion-wear created by artisans and fashion designers who are affected by wars / conflicts, human trafficking / slavery, refugee status and other economically challenging situations.

You can read Kim Yen White’s full article at


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