Organic and Eco-Fashion

I was reading about Organic and Eco-fashion, these interesting and important topics that are ignored or not known from many people. I would like to give their definitions and talk a little bit about them.

Organic fashion refers to clothing and accessories that have been made with a minimum use of chemicals and limited impact on the environment (Sarah Ditty).

Eco fashion is a broader term used for all clothing, fabrics and accessories that have been manufactured in an environmentally conscious way (Sarah Ditty).

Although organic and recycled clothing under the umbrella of eco fashion, organic clothing is a category of sustainable fashion in its own right.

Why is Eco-Fashion needed?

The fashion industry has an enormous impact on the environment. Many of the clothes we wear today are made from synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester, derived from petrochemicals. These chemicals are very polluting to the environment. They are also non-biodegradable, which means they don’t break down easily and they are difficult to dispose of. These chemicals cause global warming.

While organic farming is more difficult, it saves lives from not using pesticides. Furthermore, land and soil are preserved. Natural fibres have their problems, too. Non-organic cotton uses more pesticide per cotton plant than almost any other crop in the world. This has serious impacts, causing illness and even death amongst cotton farmers who are exposed to dangerous pesticides every day. These pesticides also affect local eco-systems, killing certain plants and animals and causing an imbalance (Sarah Ditty).

The following are fabrics deemed sustainable because of their renewability, energy and water usage that have less environmental impact:

Hemp: it can be grown easily without any chemical pesticide use.

Organic wool: organic sheep are reared on organic feed, graze on organic land and allow a free range life in spacious surroundings.

Linen: it is made from flax, a plant which requires less water and fewer pesticides than cotton.

Wild Silk: wild silk production allows the moth to leave its chrysalis unharmed. It is also known as vegetarian silk.

Fashion is something that people will never let go of. The best if it is eco-friendly. Eco-fashion gives the people sustainable clothing, a healthier environment and a prosperous growing economy. Organic and eco-fashion should not be ignored.

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