Being a Single Mom


Being a single mom is not an easy job to do. It’s a demanding, full-time job and the hardest thing about it is that there is no letup. Single parenting changes all the rules. When you are a single mom, you rely on yourself all the time and you have to think, make plans and decisions by yourself with no help from others. The responsibilities fall on your shoulders only. The single mom life is unique. It brings with it a set of circumstances that no one else can understand. The financial and emotional circumstances differ from one person to another. Single mom often becomes overwhelmed due to the hard work and time. It is useful and important to have a network of people to talk to. It can be composed of family and friends. However, spending quality time with your child allows you to develop a unique bond that may actually be stronger than it would have been if you were not a single parent. The connection with the child won’t end early; the strong bond will continue to evolve into your child’s adult years.

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