Shopping is good for the soul

Recently I came across the phrase “Soulful Economy” in an article by Dr. Diane Osgood. Research is beginning to show that people want experiences that create connections. This includes their shopping experience. According to Dr. Osgood, “ethical fashion encourages us to have a relationship with what we wear, so we value what we own more.”

At Jo’el Worldwear some our jewelry is made by women, rescued from trafficking, working from safe houses and outreach centers around the world. When people participate in the Soulful Economy, they are shifting from an attitude of acquiring more stuff to one that values a connection with greater meaning.

You can read Dr. Diane Osgood’s article at


2016 02 18 Personal photo - for blog

About the author: When Walter is not writing for the “Change Clothes. Change Lives Blog,” he’s spends his free-time in pursuit of an MBA at the University of Tampa, where he found his calling into social entrepreneurship. From time to time, he can also be found flying around Tampa’s airspace in a small Cessna or dancing Argentine Tango at a local Milonga.

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