Fight-Flight-Freeze Response

I was reading this article and I found it very interesting. I would like to share it with other readers because it is an important topic.

Almost everyone is familiar with the fight-flight response, your reaction to a stimulus perceived as an imminent threat to your survival. However, less-known is the fight-flight-freeze response, which adds a crucial dimension to how you’re likely to react when the situation confronting you overwhelms your coping capacities and leaves you, paralyzed in fear.  When you have the power to defeat any kind of danger, you go into fight mode. In such instances, the hormones released by your nervous system especially adrenaline prime you to do battle, and hopefully, triumph over the danger. On the other hand, when the force is too powerful to overcome, your impulse is to outrun it as fast as you can. This is of course, the flight response. So where you perceive as alarming threat is the totally disabling freeze response. By default, this reaction refers to a situation in which you’ve concluded in a matter of seconds that you can neither defeat the danger opponent confronting you, nor safely bolt from it. This self-paralyzing response can in the moment be just as adaptive as either fearlessly fighting the enemy or more cautiously, fleeing from it.

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