Rebuilding Haiti one shoe at a time

Jo’el Worldwear founder Brenda MacCrimmon and I attended an ethical fashion event hosted by REBUILD globally, last night, at the University Club in Orlando, Florida. We were happy to attend the event and show our support for this great organization. During the event we met many like-minded individuals who are committed to making a difference in the world.

The evening was billed: Runway to Haiti; a night of ethical fashion. If you haven’t heard about this company, stand by, you’ll be hearing more from them in the near future. They are making a difference in the lives of Haitians.

REBUILD globally is a non-profit organization fighting poverty through education and job training in Haiti. Founded by Julie Colombino, the company is committed to rebuilding lives, families and communities by planting the seeds of social business and putting people to work. Ms. Colombino and her team opened the first training center and workshop April 14, 2010, only 7-months after the tragic earthquake that left millions homeless and jobless.

Building on their initial efforts the company started for-profit venture called Deux Mains. The venture is an employee-operated footwear company in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Deux Mains sandals were on display and available for purchase during the fashion show last night. When people purchase the sandals they are supporting the company’s employees who were affected by the 2010 earthquake and helping to end poverty one step at a time.

We applaud REBUILD globally on their efforts and will definitely do our part to spread the word about the great work they are doing. Jo’el Worldwear is a veteran owned business. Ms. MacCrimmon and I have seen the destruction and hopelessness in places like Haiti before. In fact, in 2010, while I was on active military duty, I was deployed to Haiti to participate in the relief efforts. My team landed in Haiti a week after the earthquake. It was truly an experience I’ll never forget. Kudos to REBUILD globally and their team at Deux Mains.

2016 02 18 Personal photo - for blogAbout the author: When Walter is not writing for the “Change Clothes. Change Lives Blog,” he’s spends his free-time in pursuit of an MBA at the University of Tampa, where he found his calling into social entrepreneurship. From time to time, he can also be found flying around Tampa’s airspace in a small Cessna or dancing Argentine Tango at a local Milonga.

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