Wood Puzzle Double Star

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Wood Puzzle Double Star is manufactured by Lima Kerajinan in Indonesia. It is handmade from discarded sustainably harvested teakwood, mahogany, ebony, jackfruit, magnolia and gemilina with traditional hand tools and techniques. Its height is 6 inch and width is 4 inch. Do you want double the challenge? Then, go for the double star wooden puzzle. Many people have come to love the mental stimulation that comes from solving a good puzzle. Although, they may not know it, the mental stimulation is just as important to the mind as physical exercise.

Puzzles help cognitive processes, the benefits depend upon a number of other factors, including one’s original mental stamina, whether or not one chooses challenging puzzles, and the amount of dedication one has to finding the solutions. Some of the benefits of using puzzles are improved memory, heightened creativity, facilitating the whole brain approach and meditation (meditation balances the body’s systems).

Please get yours here: www.joelworldwear.com


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