3rd Annual Eco-Couture Fashion Show at FIU

Hello Everyone! I hope this week is finding you well.

As days go by, it is becoming more and more apparent that society is gaining awareness of unethical treatment and circumstances in the fashion industry. So when we hear about an “Eco-Couture” fashion show within driving distance, we don’t hesitate to be in attendance.

Last week I had to pleasure of attending the “3rd Annual Eco-Couture Fashion Show” held and put on by Florida International University in Miami, Florida. I left the show completely astounded by the talent and workmanship the show produced. Every clothing item from shorts to wedding gowns made out of everything from clothing pins to bamboo. We saw bottle cap fringe on a handmade jacket, shower curtains used as trains on elegant gowns, and white plastic grocery bags intricately woven to make a beautiful dress. Below I have inserted some of the masterpieces from the night.

Although the show impressed me from start to finish, I of course had some particular favorite of the night. (Pictured Below) Being the Disney Villain fan that I am, I could not help but fall in love with this rendition of the Evil Queen’s gown made out of newspaper!

Now this competition was open to any and all students attending FIU, no matter their major. At the end of the night 4 winners were chosen, 3 by a panel of judges and 1 by People Choice votes, and given scholarships in the amounts of $1000, $500 and $250 and $200.

And the winners were…………..(drum roll please)


1st Place (pictured left) was awarded to Laura de la Vega, Sharit Ben Asher and Andrea Canaves for their outfit made out of plastic bags and 3D print draft.

2nd Place and Peoples Choice Award (middle) was awarded to Susana Alonso for her gown made out of white plastic grocery bags and plastic bottles.

3rd Place (pictured right) was awarded to Cindy Rodriguez for her dress made out of eggshells, beer bottle caps, magazines, zipper, and hot glue.

This fashion show showcased some of the most beautiful handmade/recycled clothing items I have ever seen. I congratulate every student involved and commend them on their hard work.

Cant wait until next year!


Thanks All,

Olivia Dicandio

Sales & Marketing Manager




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