People and Power

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Power provides people with the ability to do what they want in life. That opportunity creates a feeling of authenticity. Powerful people can act like themselves rather than having to act as others would like them to act. This authenticity should make powerful people happy. However, people who strive for power are the ones who are the most in need for it. As a result of their childhood experiences, some people have developed the need for superiority or ambition. Ambitious people want to prove to themselves that they can achieve a certain goal. This is a good trait because it doesn’t hurt anyone. Superiority on other hand is a psychological defense mechanism in which people’s feeling of superiority counter or conceals the feeling of inferiority (Alfred Adler). This insecurity creates strong desires and motivates people to strive for power to feel secured.

In addition, people enjoy the feeling of power and its pleasurable sensations to reduce the pain. Using power to alleviate pain and producing pleasure provide the introductory experience that pulls the unsuspecting behaviors into using habitual strategy. True power requires modesty and empathy, not force and coercion.

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