How Can We Have More Ethical Relationship With Our Clothes?

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To have more ethical relationship with your clothes is to remind yourself in the first place that there are stories and a value behind every piece of your clothes. This is a great initial step. It can be hard at first, as there is so much to be aware of. It is like you are trying to be healthy and it feels like every week there is a study that declares some food that you have always eaten causes heart disease or other major health problems.  I haven’t even mentioned the environmental issues around clothes production: a garment might be produced with good human-rights track records, but the cotton that was used it may be a product of over-farming causing freshwater shortage and depleting the soil of nutrients. Plus, the dyes used might be causing toxic contamination to rivers. It’s hard to be 100 percent sustainable, but there are solutions and changes that can help.

Research your clothes before you buy them

If you are not buying something in a hurry, then you have time to do research. Compare prices, look at the retailer’s corporate social responsibility policies, search the internet for reports on their manufacturing audits and make sure of what you want to buy. As consumers, we ignore how a garment comes into existence. We take for granted all the work that goes into making clothes. Each garment goes through thousands of hands to reach us. 

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    Great post xx


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    Starting a new Movement?


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