Is It? Is It Truly Beneficial to All Concerned?

When I was in my twenties, I was invited to a Rotary meeting. In my thirties I became a member. Unfortunately, work kept me away from a lot of meetings in my forties, however I managed to catch a few RIBI (Rotary Intl British) in the small town of Helensburgh, Scotland. Now in my fifties, I simply can’t wait to get back to Rotary. Why? Because everything about Rotary is amazing – the people, the subject matter, the dinners, the comradery, but most of all, the true value of “service above self.”

Rotary truly inspires you to reach within to embrace humanity….in all of your affairs. Business ethically thrives because you’re making good solid decisions, not just to benefit yourself, but also for others concerned. It feels wonderful, and it actually helps you build successful relationships, great future business opportunities, proud military service, huge humanitarian efforts, and awesome global friendships. So the next time you’re not sure what decision should be your final one, decide whether it passes this four way test that Rotarians live by:

Much success and happiness in all your personal and business relationships from all of us at:


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