Recycle and Reuse Your Clothes

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Recycling unwanted clothing reduces landfill waste as the amount of resources needed to produce new clothing. Also, it lessens the waste produced by the manufacturing process.

What are some of Environmental Benefits?

There are multiple environmental benefits associated with recycling clothing. It reduces the amount of pesticides used in cotton, petroleum fabrics and the water needed for dye. In addition, it cuts down on the pollutants, greenhouse gases and volatile organic compounds released in the water and air.

Donate and Resale

Clothes are usually recycled by donating them to charities like Salvation Army, which will provide tax forms for deductions. You can also sell them on Internet through auction or donation sites and at consignment stores. The recycled clothes can end up as wiping rags, insulation, paper products or used clothing exports.

Benefits to the Consumer and the Industry

Customers who buy used clothing also benefit from what are usually substantially lower prices, compared to the price of new clothes. Recycled clothing also creates jobs at charity organizations, consignment stores and businesses that reuse the fabric to make products for sale. Cleaning rags, blankets, new clothes and even the U.S. dollar are examples of products that may contain fabric from recycled clothing.

It really is a win-win for everyone on both sides of the recycling cycle and can go a long way to making the world a better place for all of us across the globe.


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  1. Merih T says:

    Great concept, reuse-redo-recycle

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    1. Thanks for your support of our blog! Have lovely holidays!

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